Nights falls early on Kathmandu but not at Casinos where popular international games go round the clock seven days a week. And there are lots of extras, from the free play-coupons and 24 hours beverage and meal service and foreign exchanges. Here is all you need to know.

Casinos in Nepal:


Casino Anna Hotel De L' ANNAPURNA Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal
Casino Everest Hotel Everest International New Baneswor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Casino Nepal Soaltee holiday Inn Crown Plaza, Kathmandu, Nepal
Casino Royale Hotel Yak & Yeti Lal Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal


No matter where you are from or what language you speak, you'll feel homely at all the Casinos in Nepal. playing the world favorite games such as Baccarat and Black jack as well as the regionally popular Paplu and Flush. Pontoon, Roulette and the slot machines offer entertainment for the pro or just the beginner.


With the first rays of sunlight our nine story high balloon slowly comes to life. A sleeping giant decorated with the "all seeing eyes of Buddha" it ripples, stretches and slowly expand, readying itself for its complement of 12 passengers.

Gracefully and ever so slowly, the balloon eases itself from the ground. The departure is so gentle that few passengers even realize that we are now floating above the red tiled rooftops of the city of Kathmandu. Majestically the balloon climbs. A stones throw away to the east is the ancient village of Bhaktapur. It is a collection of perhaps the most historic and holy Buddhist and Hindu temples found in Asia. Look towards the center of Durbar Square in Kathmandu and the gilded temple of Kumari dashes the sunís touch into a fan of brilliance to be ever remembered. Above Kathmandu you look out to the highest mountain range on earth.
There is no dusty Perspex, noise vibrating motor or airplane wing to spoil the most spectacular of all views.

You may never climb Mount Everest but from the perfect safety and comfort of a wicker basket, in the oldest and most romantic form of flight, you will feel that you have reached the top of the world in effortless security.

On Balloon Sunrise Nepalís one hour balloon flight, Shivaís creation becomes simply unforgettable.


From the tranquil vantage point of a hot air balloon at there thousand meters we can see an extraordinary scene of ancient temples, monasteries and paddy fields.

The greatest of all gods, Shiva rested from his labors making the world. With his left hand he thrust his trident into the ground thus creating the three perfect lakes of Gokyo nestled beneath the sacred mountain of Chomolonga (Mother Goddess of all Earth - Mt. Everest).
The Shiva looked westward and with his sword in his right hand cleft the mountain of Chhobar. At the moment of impact Chhobar became a gorge and the giant lake within the valley was drained of all water. The fertile Valley of Kathmandu was born.

But now look north to the snowcapped mountains of Ganesh, Langtang, and Gauri Shankar and of course Mount Everest and you realize that the awesome wilderness of Himalayas could only be the dwelling place of gods.


The BALLOON SUNRISE  includes a one hour balloon flight above the Kathmandu Valley, hotel transfers, breakfast after the flight and a balloon flight certificate.                                                                                

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