I know mountains, and beautiful landscapes of Nepal will keep me entertained for most of my trip. But are there any other forms of entertainment that I should not miss?

Nepal is a land of festivals. Almost everyday is day of festival in at least some parts of the country. Though most of them are of religious nature, they are almost always of joyous. You should not miss out on them. Kathmandu, with its rich Newar heritage is the most colorful place in the country. But other parts of the country also have their own fanfare. Check out the "Festival Calendar" for details on the major festivals that will occur during your visit.

"Cultural Shows" in Kathmandu and Pokhara also provide you with some entertainment, though they are far from being the real thing. Check out the posters in various restaurants and other public places in the tourist quarters of Kathmandu and Pokhara to find out what is going on.

Night life in Nepal is non-existent. Except for a few exceptions in the tourist quarters, most bars and restaurants start closing by ten in the evening.