RIVER RAFTING IN NEPAL                

In a country like Nepal, a river trip is one of the best Nobel gateways to explore a typical cross section of the country's natural as well as ethno cultural heritage. Whether  it's just the two of you for a romantic escape or perhaps a group of friends outing, this action packed jaunt to the foothills will surely become a favorite outing sport of yours for many years to come. The river flows and passes through some of the most beautiful canyons, ethnic villages and landscapes of Nepal. The trips offer full spectrum of wilderness river experiences from the gently flowing stretches to the loud raring wild and wet rapids. All guides are highly trained and qualified in the aquatic sport for white water river rafting.


Your can make a choice of trips on the various rivers of Nepal. i.e. for the purpose of commercial rafting, which are as follows:

1.The Karnili

2.The Sunkosi

3.The Kali Gandaki

4)The Arun

5)Bhote Kosi


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